Ceau, Cinema! Festival Celebrated Ten Years

Ceau, Cinema! Festival celebrated ten years together with the audience and its guests. A CineConcert, no less than 30 films, meetings with more than 20 Romanian and foreign filmmakers, debates, workshops, an anniversary exhibition and a book release were included in the program of the anniversary edition, which took place between July 12th-16th in Timişoara.

Over 3.500 viewers attended the screening and the events of the tenth edition, and each of the four debate panels on film festivals, arthouse cinemas and cinema education programs was watched online by hundreds of persons.

The Ceau, Cinema! Trophy ”Răzvan Georgescu” for the best film in competition went to the Polish production ”Bread and Salt” (2022), by Damian Kocur, which also won the Audience Award. The jury, made of the actress Ioana Iacob and the directors Paul Negoescu and Vlad Petri, ”appreciated the directorial approach, the outstanding ability of storytelling and the subtlety that the director handled, without being subjective, important themes of the present time”. The jury decided to grant a special prize to actress Glory Kevin from the Italian film ”Princess” (2022, directed by Roberto de Paolis), for ”the candor, the versatility and vehemence that she addressed the role with”.

The Ceau, Cinema! Trophy ”Răzvan Georgescu” amounts € 1.000, and the Audience Award is € 500, both of them being granted by Groupama Insurance.

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